An unforgettable

life Experience

now let’s pass it on to the next generation!

Impact Your Association now

why now?

A great life experience does not end in college.

Being an alumni is an obligation to do the right thing for the next generation through leadership; coaching; mentoring; and fellowship as well. Your participation will impact the next generation of TEPOA Men. Make a difference and get involved today.


Things to do

Support the Undergraduate Chapter

Stay Connected


Reconnect With Brothers

Trips & Getaways

Donate to the scholarship fund

TEPOA Guys Night Out in Your Area

So Many Way To Connect With Brothers

What we offer

Donate To Make It Better

Consider donating beyond your membership dues, so we as an alumni association can set up, grow, and provide funding opportunities to the chapter and brothers when necessary.

Reconnect with The Chapter

Helping our undergraduate chapter ensures TEPOA has a bright future at Johnson and Wales University.


Feel great about knowing you can stay connected to your fellow alumni anytime with the help of your Omega Alpha Alumni Association.

Unlimited Memories

It was A ‘Once in a lifetime’ experience

Our alumni association wants to keep a record of treasured pictures of the brothers in action no matter if it was #1 or #300 from our chapter.

Meet our Leaders

Our Elected Board members

Rob Csonka


Joshua Delgado

Vice Chancellor

Matt Tiezzi


Ed Pisani Jr.


Jason Drinan

Undergraduate Liaison

Words from Our Alumni & updates


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